Nov. 24th, 2016

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I just want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. If you are not celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful day anyway.

Yes, I am still here, even though I haven't posted in a while. I tend to withdraw when I am depressed. Between Mark's death in July and the recent election, there has been plenty to be depressed about. So anyway here is a quick look at my past week:

On Saturday I volunteered to be part of the "underground dog railroad". But, instead of bringing slaves to Canada, I helped bring a Canadian dog to Glen Highland Farm here in the US. My friend, George, has a Border Collie that he adopted from a rescue shelter: .
George had volunteered to help transport another Border Collie to the farm on Saturday, but he had to work that day and asked me to do it instead. Other volunteers had brought the dog, named Lucy, from Toronto to Buffalo, and then from Buffalo to my house in Syracuse. She arrived at my house just before 3PM. I asked one of my crew, Josh, if he would like to take a little road trip and help me deliver Lucy to Morris, NY.
He agreed and we set off on a myriad of mostly blue highways to get to the tiny town of Morris. We made a wrong turn which cost us about 40 minutes, but eventually found our way there about 6 PM. We left Lucy at her new temporary home, and headed on back in the dark by a simpler route. By now it was raining, and blustery, but soon it would turn to wet snow. We stopped to have pizza in West Winfield, and finally made it home just after 8PM.

Lucy was fine with the whole trip, just sitting or laying peacefully in the back seat the whole time. She is a very sweet dog, and I am sure she will find a new permanent home quickly.

This is Lucy and Josh on my front porch just before we left.

On Sunday the temperature dropped and the blustery rain turned to heavy wet snow. By Monday morning there was about 13 inches of it here. I had to drive to the bank and run a few errands. The roads were terrible! The snow had a "greasy" consistency. There was a beer truck stuck at one end of my street for 45 minutes blocking it off. Even with 4-wheel drive, I was sliding all over the place and slid completely through an intersection at a red light in Eastwood on level road. Fortunately there were very few cars out and I didn't hit anyone.

My house on Monday morning. By 11 PM the snow was 27 inches deep here in the city.

The snow has melted down a little now, so that it is only about a foot deep. I put my recycling bin out to the curb on Sunday night for pick up Monday morning. By Monday it was buried so deeply in the snow that the recycling collectors couldn't see it, and it is still invisible this morning, buried in the snow mounds somewhere in front of my house.

I spent last night making pies: one Apple pie and 2 Pumpkin pies. This afternoon I am going over to George's house for Thanksgiving dinner and bringing the pies.

Hope you all enjoy the day!


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