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I am not one to follow sports, but lately, the whole city of Syracuse has been caught up in "Orange Fever" as both the men's and women's basketball teams have made it to the "final four". Orange streamers and banners decorate the street signs and some houses, and the university area has been one giant street party. The first sucker-punch came last night when Syracuse's Orangemen lost to North Carolina. The Syracuse University Women's Basketball team has their game today.
[Edited: Sunday, 10:30 PM: The S. U. Women's Basketball team has won their game, making them one of the 2 best teams in the country. Onward to # 1 !!!

This is what I woke up to this morning! This is the workshop, as seen from my kitchen door. We had 3 to 4 inches of heavy, wet snow overnight. It looked lovely in the morning, but by noon, the bitter wind made it too miserable to spend any time outside.

The fence in front of my house. Yesterday, that rosebush behind the fence was starting to put out little green leaves.

Yesterday this was a clump of 5 Daffodil flowers next to the fence. I should have picked them when I had the chance! Sucker-punched by Syracuse again!
[Edited: Sunday, 10:30 PM: It is snowing again. We are expecting 2-3 more inches of snow tonight. UGH!

In other news, Jim, my long-time friend (39 years) who now lives in Ohio, went into the hospital for a serious operation to clear out his clogged arteries. Jim has been a smoker for over 40 years. At 55, his arteries are so clogged with plaque from smoking that he was in danger of having a stroke or having his legs amputated. They cut him open from his sternum to his groin, plus incisions in his legs and neck so they could get at the worst arteries. It took over 300 stitches and staples to close him back up. He was on the operating table for 13 hours. He will be in the hospital at least 10 days, and then will have to spend some time in rehabilitation and physical therapy. So if any of you smoke, let this serve as a warning to you. Cigarettes don't just cause lung cancer, and many of the ways they kill you are a horrible way to die.

This week, either Tuesday or Wednesday, I will be driving down to Virginia to close out my father's checking account and empty his safe deposit box. The bank insisted that my sister be there as well, so she is changing part of her already-planned trip to New York City and Syracuse to meet me in Virginia. (She is no longer coming to Syracuse.) I spent 4 days, looking through dozens of boxes, trying to find the keys to my father's safe deposit box. They eventually turned up, right in my bedroom. We have no idea what is in the safe deposit box, so it will be a surprise for both of us.

For years, I have had an issue with starting to doze off on long road trips. I have never had an accident because of it, but on one of the trips that Mark and I took to Virginia 6 years ago, I woke up to the sound of the tires going over rumble-strips, and narrowly avoided driving off the road. Because of that experience, I have been reluctant to take any long trips alone. It is a help to have someone else in the truck to keep me awake and share in the driving. I have also found that stopping to take a short nap, even 20 minutes, can greatly reduce my tendency to nod off. My crew are all aware of this problem, and they decided among themselves that one of them should go with me on the trip to Virginia. So, John is my appointed travel companion for this trip.

It will be good to see my sister, Linnell, again. I should also get to see my oldest niece, Alida and her husband, Pat, who will be driving down from Queens to meet up with us. My middle niece just announced that she will be getting married in January 2018, in Hawaii. This will not be one of those fancy "destination weddings", even though no member of his or her family lives in Hawaii. The location was chosen as a compromise, being the nearest dry land to the midpoint between Melbourne, Australia, where his family lives and her family in Spokane, Washington. My niece Bethany, has lived and worked in Melbourne for the past few years, where she met her fiancé, Matt. So, YAY, I should get to see Hawaii in 2 years!
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