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NOW, with Bullet Points!!!

  • I had advertisements in Craigslist for two of my apartments for the past 2 weeks. This weekend, both apartments were taken. YAY! That is a big relief for me.

  • Josh and Tim have been working with me on my own house, fixing up the bedroom where Mark used to live. We tore out the old carpeting, installed a new oak floor, put drywall in the closet, repaired and repainted the walls and did a heavy cleaning of the whole place. It looks great! I had assumed that Bob would want to move into that room and out of the guest room upstairs, but now he says that he would rather stay where he is. So I guess I will turn it into a new guest room, or maybe an office.

  • On Sunday I went to a stamp show here in town, in spite of the storm warnings. The show had sparse attendance due to the coming snow, but I left with some good deals on 3 stamp collections: Luxembourg, Sweden, and Greece. I stayed inside for the rest of the day going through the stamps while the snow accumulated outside.

  • Tomorrow morning I have to get up early for an appointment with my dentist. I am getting capped for Valentine's Day. A month ago I had a root canal on a molar that broke. Now it is time to finish the job with a cap on the tooth. I am hoping this won't turn into a Valentine's Day Massacre!

  • It snowed heavily yesterday and today. We got a total of about a foot of snow between both days. We haven't had a lot of snow this year. This storm gave a fresh new look to the dreary winter. Enjoy the pictures!

    I love the way the snow clings to the wires on the back fence in my yard.

    This gate is between my back yard, and Michael's back yard next door. The gate is overgrown with a Bittersweet vine.

    This small Spruce usually gets decorated with lights for Christmas, but this year the bad weather came too soon.

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