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Birthdate:Jul 15
Location:Syracuse, New York, United States of America
MY DEATH: While driving down a road, I will see a spectacular Gothic house on one side, and a crew of hunky, shirtless construction workers on the other. Torn by indecision, I will come to a complete stop and get rear-ended by a semi.

LAST WORDS:"Will you look at the abs/vergeboards on that one."

LIFESTYLE: Gay, traditionalist, romantic

FAVORITE QUOTE:"A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others." -- Wizard of Oz

BIGGEST FEAR: Public speaking.

GENETIC CODE: 50% German, 25% Irish, 25% English, 100% American

SECOND FAVORITE GUY`S BODY PART: Abs, especially when they have a nice patch of soft hair.

MUSIC: 1930`s to present, and any good torch song.


FAMILY: I live alone with my Black Lab, Lily🐾🐾 . I have a younger sister, who lives in Spokane, Washington, and 3 grown nieces. I count my close friends as my "family" too.

EDUMICATION: I are a colluge graduet (Business Management at Syracuse University). I spent my frustrating freshman year in the Architecture program, but soon decided that modern architecture held little interest for me.

POLITICS: Moderate Liberal. Bush was an idiot dickhead! Trump is probably the Antichrist. The Republicans are an evil bunch of falsely pious money worshippers.

WORK: For 33 years I had my own (struggling) small business doing restoration contracting across New York State, but retired in 2012. I am now working harder than ever restoring the old houses that I own.

FAVORITE PASSTIMES: 1. Floating in an inner tube on Mountain Lake, with a beer in my hand. 2. Getting lost in my stamp collection. 3. Great sex!

WORST QUALITIES: Dynamic Procrastination (Doing something else to avoid what you should be doing). Falling in love with the wrong guys.

BEST QUALITIES: My hair. My sense of humor. My heart.

If there is anything more you want to know, just ask. I won`t bite!


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1960s music, a. j. downing, adirondacks, anchovie pizza, animals, antiques, archaeology, architectural history, architectural restoration, art, art deco, arts and crafts style, baking, bearcubs, bears, bird watching, blue highways, blueberry pie, camping, catskills, chinese food, classic film, classic movies, cobblestone buildings, comedy, cooking, cuddling, currier and ives prints, dogs, e-bay, empire style furniture, enamelware, etymology, exploring the back roads, forests, friends, furry men, gay, gay men, gay sex, geneaology, geography, googie style architecture, gothic architecture, greek revival architecture, hairy men, historic architecture, historic preservation, history, hudson river school artists, humor, huntington, italian food, labrador retrievers, love, men, mission style furniture, mountain lake, mountains, movies, mysteries, nature, old buildings, old houses, photography, plaster decoration, responsible government, restoration, rural new york, sex, sherlock holmes, sitcoms, skinny dipping, stamps, syracuse, syracuse university, the outdoors, thomas cole, thunderstorms, trees, victorian houses, waterfalls, web surfing, woodworking
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